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The Different Types of Photography

Using a camera, you can capture and preserve just about anything on this planet. Other than the people inhabiting the Earth, there are different things you can make as your subject. With that said, you can choose to specialize in different types of photography.

Types of Photography

- Aerial Photography

Aerial photography specializes in photographing from the air. The purpose of this type of photography usually pertains to weather monitoring, surveillance, and military activities.

Aerial photography can be in conjunction with animal photography, in cases where aerial photographers choose birds as their subjects. You can apply this type of photography in different industries, such as in construction and in movies.

To capture their subjects on film, aerial photographers commonly use aeroplanes, ultra lights, parachutes, balloons, and remote control aircrafts.

- Amateur Photography or Vernacular Photography

Amateur photography is any type of photography practiced by non-professional photographers. Amateur photographers take pictures of everyday life and choose common things as their subjects.

- Animal  Photography

Animal photography involves photographing of animals in their natural habitat.

- Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is the art of photographing buildings and similar structures, which are aesthetically pleasing. It also often involves the use of panoramic shots or photography.

Architectural photographs often appear as accurate representations of their subjects. In addition, architectural photographers commonly use specialized techniques and equipment to capture their chosen subjects.  As part of their creative representation of their subjects, these photographers often experiment with different techniques, such as using diagonal lines and bold shadows.

Under architectural photography, there is a sub-type called Perth real estate photography. This involves the photographing of real estate properties to make them appear attractive

- Glamour Photography

Glamour photography is often characterized as sensual and erotic, but not pornographic. In this type of photography, photographers capture their subjects in suggestive poses, emphasising on their curves and shadows. This is the reason many glamour shots feature flirtatious, mysterious, and playful tones.


Glamour photography subjects are commonly women, portrayed in romantic or sexually alluring ways. With that said, they are often photographed fully clothed or semi-nude. The goal of glamour photography is to show the models in a glamorous light, and not to arouse the viewer.

- Macro Photography

Macro photographing is the art of photographing small or close-up objects. In this type of photography, subjects can include small entities, such as insects and flowers. It can also focus on any object that reveals interesting details when captured on film, like the texture of a woven sweater.

- Microphotography

Microphotography involves the use of specialized cameras and microscopes, to capture images of extremely small subjects. This type of photography is best suited for the scientific world.

- Pet photography

Pet photography is the art of photographing domestic animals, with the intent of displaying their relationship with their human companions.

You can find out more about the different types of photography and their sub-types, like Perth real estate photography, online. Visit websites pertaining to photography, to gather more information.

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